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Data Privacy Lagon Energy Dakhla Advised Guidelines

1. Our commitment
As one of our valued guest (hereinafter “you”), it is always a pleasure to welcome you to one of our hotels. Our first
priority is to offer you exceptional stays and experiences around the world. Your full satisfaction and faith in Lagon Energy Dakhla is essential to us.

We recognize that privacy is part of your expectations as a guest. therefore, we have designed and implemented this hotel
guest privacy policy which describes how Lagon Energy Dakhla uses your personal information on the basis
of Lagon Energy Dakhla ’s “7 privacy principles” (hereinafter “Lagon Energy Dakhla 7 privacy principles”)
which constitute core principles for DAKHLA ATTITUDE and which therefore apply throughout the Lagon Energy Dakhla group (Lagon Energy Dakhla and its subsidiaries) worldwide.

2. Consent to this hotel guest privacy policy
You should read this hotel guest privacy policy carefully before providing us with any of your “personal
information” (hereinafter referred to as “pi”), i.e. any information collected and recorded in any format that identifies you
personally, whether directly (e.g. name) or indirectly (e.g. phone number).

This hotel guest privacy policy is part of Lagon Energy Dakhla ’s terms and conditions governing our hotel services. By
accepting said terms and conditions, you expressly consent to this hotel guest privacy policy.
Lagon Energy Dakhla may use your pi for marketing purposes. If required by applicable law, you will be requested to
give your prior express consent to receive such marketing materials

3. DAKHLA ATTITUDE’s 7 privacy principles
The following constitute DLagon Energy Dakhla’s 7 privacy principles, which apply throughout the Lagon Energy Dakhla group worldwide.

1. Transparency: when collecting and processing your pi, we will provide you with relevant information and notice,
for what purposes and who are the recipients.

2. Legitimacy: we will collect and process your pi only for the purposes which are mentioned to you in this hotel
guest privacy policy.

3. Relevance & accuracy: we will only collect pi which is necessary for the purposes of the data processing as set
out in this hotel guest privacy policy. We will take all reasonable measures to ensure you that the pi that we have
stored is accurate and up to date.

4. Storage: we will keep your pi for the period necessary for the purposes of the data processing as set out in this
hotel guest privacy policy and in accordance with local law requirements.

5. Access, rectification and objection: we offer you ways to access, modify, correct or delete your pi. You also
have the opportunity to object to the processing of your pi for marketing purposes. Please see contact details

6. Confidentiality & security: we will implement reasonable technical and organisational measures to protect your
pi against accidental or unlawful alteration or loss, or from unauthorized use, disclosure or access.

7. Sharing & international transfer: we may share your pi within the Lagon Energy Dakhla group or with third
parties (such as commercial partners and service providers) for the purposes described in this hotel guest privacy
policy. We will take appropriate measures to secure such sharing and transfer.
If you have any questions about these Lagon Energy Dakhla’s 7 privacy principles, please contact Lagon Energy Dakhla data privacy contact as described in section 12 of this hotel guest privacy policy.

4. Scope
This hotel guest privacy policy is applicable to:

• any data processing implemented by Lagon Energy Dakhla owned and managed hotels, i.e. hotels which are
part of the Lagon Energy Dakhla group, including managed hotels

• any Lagon Energy Dakhla booking web sites, i.e. existing Lagon Energy Dakhla websites,
and also brand website

• Although this hotel guest privacy policy does not apply to franchised hotels, Lagon Energy Dakhla will use
reasonable efforts to promote and request that the Lagon Energy Dakhla’s 7 privacy principles be implemented
by the said franchisees and that the said franchisees comply with all applicable laws in processing your pi.

5. What personal information?
As a Lagon Energy Dakhla ’s guest, you may be asked, at various times, to provide pi about yourself and your family
members, such as:

1. contact information, e.g. name, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, postal addresses, etc;
2. other personal details: date of birth; nationality,
3. children information: name, birth date and age;
4. credit card details (only in transactional related system)
5. membership card numbers of any Lagon Energy Dakhla loyalty program or any membership number of
frequent flyer or any of Lagon Energy Dakhla ’s partners you are registered with;
6. your dates of arrival and departure/visit from our hotels;
7. your preferences and interests, e.g. smoking or non-smoking room, preferred location of your room (low floor,
high floor, etc.), type of bed, preferred newspaper, sports and cultural interests;
8. Any questions/comments you may have during or after your stay in one of our hotels.

We do not knowingly collect pi from children under the age of 18, except name, date of birth and nationality as
provided directly by an adult on their behalf or with adult’s permission. please make sure that your children do not
provide us with any pi without your permission, e.g. online. if you believe your child has submitted pi to us, please
contact us so that we can delete such pi.

Generally, we do not knowingly collect sensitive information such as racial or ethnic origin, political opinions,
religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, health or sex life details.

In addition, depending on the applicable law, other data than those listed above may also be considered as sensitive data:
credit card number, leisure habits, personal activities and hobbies, cultural habits, smoker/ non-smoker status, etc.
however, we may need to collect such data which may be considered as sensitive, to satisfy your request or provide you
with specific services such as specific diet or any disability access facilities.

In such case, if required by applicable law, we will ask you to expressly consent that we collect and process such sensitive

6. When is my personal information collected?
Pi may be collected in certain circumstances including without limitation as follows:

• hospitality activities such as :

– booking of an hotel room;
– check in and check out;
– consumption during a stay in an hotel as tracked through room charges;
– claims, requests and/or disputes.

• participation in marketing programs:

– registering with Lagon Energy Dakhla ’s loyalty programs;
– contribution to guests surveys and/or comments (e.g. “guest satisfaction survey”, “contact us”; “guests
comments”; “satisfait ou invité”);
– contests;
– subscription to newsletters, to receive e-mail offers or promotions.

• provision of information by third party service providers:

– tour operators, travel agencies, gds reservation systems, others…

• internet activities:

– connection to any Lagon Energy Dakhla websites (ip address, session cookies);
– fill in of an online collection form (e.g. online bookings, questionnaire, etc.).

7. What are the purposes?

We use your pi for the following purposes:

• to manage your reservation and booking:
– to book and reserve Lagon Energy Dakhla hotel rooms and requested accommodation;
– to establish and maintain business records and comply with accounting requirements;
– for back office processing; including managing a list of undesirable guests, further to a non-payment, or to
improper behaviour, etc.

• to manage your stay at the hotel:
– to track consumption (telephone, bar, internet, pay tv…);
– to access rooms.
• to improve our hospitality services, including:
– to process your pi in Lagon Energy Dakhla ’s clients relationship management (crm) program;
– to better understand your needs and requests;
– to tailor our products and services to better suit your desires.

• to send you newsletters, promotions and marketing material or contact you about tourism, hospitality or services,
hotel promotions, or about Lagon Energy Dakhla partners. you can choose to unsubscribe from our email
newsletters service by clicking a link in one of our email newsletters.

• to improve our Lagon Energy Dakhla services, including:
– to conduct surveys and analyze guests’ questionnaires and comments and activity patterns
– to manage guests’ complaints.
– to let you benefit from our loyalty program

• to secure and improve your use of Lagon Energy Dakhla internet websites, including:
– to improve website navigation and;
– to implement security and fraud prevention means.
• to comply with local regulations (e.g. retention of business or accounting documents).

8. Sharing of your personal information

As a global company, we strive to offer you the same level of service and hospitality all around the world. to this end,
subject to your rights set forth in section 12 below, we may have to share your pi with internal or external recipients in the
following ways:

• the Lagon Energy Dakhla group: we may share your pi with any Lagon Energy Dakhla entity authorized
individuals who need to access your pi to provide you with the requested services or in the context of an action as
a consequence of you providing such pi:

– hotel staff;
– reservation staff using Lagon Energy Dakhla reservation tools;
– information technology, commercial partnership and marketing departments;
– medical services, if any;
– legal department, if necessary; and
– any relevant individuals of the Lagon Energy Dakhla group entities for specific categories of data.

• external service providers and partners: we may share your pi with third parties for providing you with the
requested services and improving your stay with us:
– third party service providers: it subcontractors, international call centers, banks, credit card providers; outside
counsels, mailing service providers, printing companies
– commercial partners.

• local authorities – internal investigations: we may also share information with local authorities if required by local
law or as part of internal investigations within the Lagon Energy Dakhla group in compliance with local

9. International transfers
We may transfer for the purposes set forth in article 6 of this hotel guest privacy policy your pi to recipients, internal or
external, which may be located in countries with different levels of pi protection.

Therefore, in addition to the implementation of the present hotel guest privacy policy, Lagon Energy Dakhla
implements, appropriate measures, including contractual clauses, to secure transfer of your pi to any Lagon Energy Dakhla entity or external recipient located in a country with a level of protection different from the one existing in the
country in which the pi is collected.

10. Data security
Lagon Energy Dakhla takes appropriate technical and organisational measures, in accordance with local law
requirements, to protect your pi against accidental or unlawful destruction or accidental loss, alteration, unauthorized
disclosure or access.

11. Session cookies/external links
Lagon Energy Dakhla uses persistent cookies to manage your session on Lagon Energy Dakhla’s websites and to
personalize your online experience (automatic recognition, list of your favourite hotels, etc.). We also collect technical
information on your computer each time you open a page during your visit to our sites. This information includes your ip
(internet protocol) address, the operating system used, the type of browser, the screen resolution and the origin website
address, as needed. We collect this information to improve the quality of your visit to our site and do not sell or transfer
this information to third parties. These temporary cookies are a built-in feature of the technology used. Most browsers
automatically accept these cookies, but you can delete them or have them automatically refused. As each browser is
different, you should refer to the “help” section on your browser toolbar to find out how to set your preferences regarding
cookies. However, you may not be able to use certain features on our site if you choose not to accept cookies.
We may offer you advertising or links to third-parties’ websites which may collect pi about you when you view or click
on their advertising or content through the use of cookies. Lagon Energy Dakhla cannot control this collection of
information and accepts no responsibility for this collection, use or disclosure of your pi by third-party companies. You
should contact these advertisers or content providers if you have any questions about their use of the pi they collect.
Your visit to these third-parties’ websites is in no way subject to this hotel guest privacy policy. Lagon Energy Dakhla
takes no responsibility for any privacy policies or practices of any third-parties’ web sites accessible from Lagon Energy Dakhla’s websites.

12. Data storage
We will store your pi only for the time necessary for the purposes stated in this hotel guest privacy policy, or as permitted
by the applicable law.
13. Access and modification
You have the right to access, modify or delete your pi. You can also object to the processing of your pi as described in
this hotel guest privacy policy provided that you have legitimate reasons. However, please note that if you object, we may
in certain circumstances be unable to provide you with the service requested.
If you wish to exercise your rights on your pi held by a specific hotel, then you must contact the hotel directly.
To object to the processing of your pi for marketing purposes or if you encounter any problem when exercising your
rights, you can contact the dedicated data privacy contact of the Lagon Energy Dakhla group:
Lagon Energy Dakhla / data privacy PK 27 route d’El Argoub, DAKHLA، 70000 – Maroc
In the interests of protecting the privacy of all the Lagon Energy Dakhla group’s guests, we will need to identify you
properly prior to responding to your request. To this end, we may request a copy of a valid identification paper such as a
current driver’s licence, identity card or passport.
If your pi is not accurate, complete or up to date, please provide the Lagon Energy Dakhla dpt. data privacy with your
request for correction. Any requests for correction will be dealt with as soon as practicable or in compliance with
applicable law.

14. Updates
We may amend this hotel guest privacy policy from time to time as indicated below. Therefore, we invite you to read this
hotel guest privacy policy regularly and in any event when making a reservation in one of our hotels. This hotel guest
privacy policy was last updated on.

15. Questions / Contact
If you have any questions about this hotel guest privacy policy or how Lagon Energy Dakhla processes your pi in
general, please contact us at data privacy dpt. as mentioned in section 13 above.