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At the foot of our bungalows and in a unique environment between the desert and turquoise waters, the Dakhla lagoon offers dream sailing conditions for all levels!

A constant wind all year round,

a shallow and flat water, space for everyone to practice, as well as a multitude of spots to ride according to your desires and the conditions of the day | the perfect destination!

Choose your ride and tame the elements with complete peace of mind! Practice kitesurfing, wingfoiling, surfing and SUP!

Supervised by our team of IKO certified instructors, discover an infinite playground to learn, progress, improve and ride endlessly with complete confidence!

 Our LagonEnergy water sports center by Duotone is equipped with the latest generations of Duotone and Fanatic equipment, for always optimal riding comfort!


Our LagonEnergy watersports center by Duotone welcomes you throughout the year in a vast wood space, feet in the sand, subtly integrated in our hotel, on the direct edge of the lagoon of Dakhla.

Our team of professional instructors trained according to IKO international standards welcome you with passion for courses from beginner to advanced levels. Are you an experienced rider? Go on a trip to sail on all the most emblematic spots on the lagoon or ocean side!

Lessons, rental & combo

Whether you want to get started, progressor sailin dependently, our nautical base offers packages for every desire! Private, semi-private or group lessons, single rental or combo rental to alternate kitesurfing and wingfoil, number of hours free choice… compose your 100% personalized formula!


Your safety is our top priority!In order to ensure the safest sessions, all customers of our nautical base operate under the supervision of our Lagon Energy team. Present on the water in front of our hotel everyday, it watches over you and calls the rescue boat if necessary.

Last generation Duotone equipment

Classique, SLS, Unit, (…) ride the Dakhlalagoon with the latest generation ranges from the Duotone brand as well as Fanatic! Renewed every year, this equipment guarantees you an optimum navigation experience, in all conditions and whatever your discipline!


If you don’t rent equipment from us, no worries! Our package | Security-Assistance-Storage | to subscribe at the reception of our nautical base allows you to benefit from this safety supervision.

Mandatory SAS  pack


Security, Assistance, Storage

Storage costs of 10€ per day and per person

These fees are obligatory for any customer staying at the hotel with their own equipment (all sports included, surfing included)

This pack includes storage, access to our compressor, assistance on the beach and safety in the water

Our safety boat is present every day on the lagoon from 10.00 am to 7.00 pm

Storage fees are mandatory for customers bringing their own equipment

LagonEnergy is not responsible for equipment left stored both outside the nautical base and lockers outside opening hours

Cleaning and storage of any riding equipment in rooms (personal or rental) is strictly prohibited


Lessons | Rental | Downwinders | Trips
Between green slopes for beginners and endless playground for independent riders, welcome to kitesurfing paradise!

Whether you are beginner, intermediate or advanced, ride non-stop and everywhere with LagonEnergy!

From the water at the foot of our bungalows to the most emblematic spots of the peninsula, our team accompanies you in 100% kitesurfing immersion for a totally exclusive Sahara experience from your straps!

Formulas and activities for all desires, find yours!




Lessons | Rental | Downwinders | Trips
Dakhla, the ideal spot to take flight and improve your technique!

Halfway between windsurfing and kitesurfing, this new discipline was invented for Dakhla! Accessible to all levels (even novices), the wingfoilguarantees you totally unique sailing sensations!

Get started in a few hours thanks to the unique teaching methods of our specialized and passionate instructors, or simply taste the pleasure of endless navigation between lagoon and speed spot for independent riders!

Our team will guide you between lessons and rental according to your level!

New & exclusive in Dakhla

3 coached and 100% wingfoil


You are autonomous in wingfoilingand you would like to experience a long distance sailing? Jamal Moutaki, head of our wingfoil section and dedicated instructor accompanies you on the water for a unique format trip in Dakhla.

Three exclusive downwinders departing from our Lagon Energy beach towards the speed spot, the White Dune and La Crique hotel, through exceptional landscapes between Dragon Island, deserts and turquoise waters.




Lessons | Trips
Ride the Sahara swell!
Dakhla offers great surfing conditions
from November to March!

In light windy weather, our team suggests heading to the ocean side for a friendly surf session! Leave in 4×4 across the desert, boards loaded in our pick-up, accompanied by our certified instructors!

Ideal for making your first take off in the waves and learning the first notions of surfing, on two easily accessible spots!



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