Natural Buffet

Bar & Cocktails

Natural buffet – genuine and healthy food

All meals are served in the dining room situated in an old Savoy wood barn, overlooking the lagoon.
This old barn has found its place in the desert and blends perfectly with the traditional Tamegrout terracotta ceramics that decorate the place. Thanks to its large glass windows, it forms a harmonious ensemble with the terrace. You will enjoy your meals in a cosy and warm atmosphere.

Healthy Food

For a good start of the day, for breakfast we offer, among others, a selection of Moroccan pancakes with a homemade assortment of energy balls and banana bread.
Every day, our chef prepares a varied and balanced buffet, with an assortment of verrines and salads from our vegetable garden. Thanks to the year-round mild climate, abundant sunshine and recycled water, we currently cultivate almost one acre of land in our “DESERT GARDEN” enriched with the manure and compost from our small farm. According to the time of year, we wish you “bon appétit”; while tasting the vegetables from our organic garden.

Throughout your stay you will enjoy Moroccan specialities such as Tangia (beef shank prepared with confit lemons, garlic and cumin), traditional couscous, but also a selection of African dishes such as “Tiep bou dien”, a rice stew with vegetables and fish.
You will taste the Courbine, a delicious white fish that is caught in the local waters as well as clams and razor clams that are abundant in Dakhla Bay, and you will be able to enjoy the famous Dakhla oysters, not to mention the lobster that our Chef will prepare for you upon request.
Served by the plate, give in to the temptation of our flagship desserts with the “tarte tatin” reinvented in the shape of a “flouka” – the traditional Moroccan boat-, the seasonal Moroccan raspberry and blueberry cake? or yet an assortment of Moroccan pastries served with traditional Saharawi tea, while savouring the Moroccan evening.

Direct from the eco garden to the table!

We grow a wide variety of vegetables and spices in our organic garden, enjoy its incredible flavor and its maximum organic quality full of color.

Bar & Cocktails

Enjoy the sunset at the Beach bar in a friendly ambiance, and if you like to listen to your own mix, don’t hesitate to take over the turntables!

After Sesh!

After your sports sessions and desert adventures, have a chat about your day while enjoying one of the many signature cocktails prepared by the bar staff. Basil Smash with basil from the garden, Sweet Leetchi with orange blossom or the Ginger Elyx: you can be sure to find your holiday cocktail!